A Second Try with IUI or on to IVF?
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A Second Try with IUI or on to IVF? Expand / Collapse

1/13/2012 1:54 PM
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9/22/2011 5:21 PM
I am 46years and I ve ust gone thru something similar...an abandoned IVF cycle for the first time. It was my fifth IVF cycle which I thought would be my last but then I did not anticipate that the cycle would be terminated. The Dr. explained that the antagon was given too late and i had gone on to ovulate. so i should try again. it was agonising because I thought with so much monitoring (scans and blood work) the they should have known when to administer the antagon. I guess they are only human and have their limitations.

So ill try again....with so much hope and faith...it is difficult to know when to stop I agree but will do so one day... when I totally broke both financially and emotionally.

7/8/2011 6:50 PM
I'm 37 and my husband and I have been TTC for almost 2 years. After months and months of taking clomid and BBT Charts our OB/GYN sent us to an RE. We did our first IUI in May 2011(using Follistim), I had 4 mature follicles on left ovary and 1 mature follicle on the right, unfortunatley this first round was unsuccessful. We wanted to get started with round two of the IUI process but had to wait because 2 of the follicles became cysts. My RE put us on birth control for a month to help desolve the cysts (caused by the Follistim) then we started again with round two the last week of June 2011. Everything seemed to be going fine...my follicles were growing (a little slower than in round one)
estrogen levels increasing, uterine lining growing etc, etc. We were getting excited because we knew that the insemination procedure was right around the corner since I had 5 follicles measuring 15mm. We recieved a call from our RE the night before our next appointment (hoping that we would be ready to trigger)when they told us that we had to cancel this round because the estrogen levels had dropped very low. So here we go again... on the birth control for another month. I cried all night, this is so hard to go through, not only emotionally but financially as well since our insurance doesn't cover anything. But I know that this is definatley worth the trials because its one step closer to holding our baby that I have always wanted for so long in my arms. Has anyone had this happen to them? How do you manage to stay happy and positive? How many attempts of IUI do you try before moving on to IVF?

6/5/2011 3:47 PM
First, do you have the time to continue with IUI? If so, I suggest doing at least 3 rounds of IUI. I was 41 and sort of pushing it doing IUIs. However, on my 3rd consecutive IUI, I got pregnant and had a very healthy pregnancy. However, I did one thing different in my third attempt. I did 2 rounds of traditional Chinese acupuncture with heat lamps situated over my uterus. I also took the herbs but stopped once I found out I was pregnant. Not sure that's what made it successful but I am now trying that again. We are hoping for another miracle. I have tried 2 unsuccessful IVFs. We are on our 3rd IVF cycle. I am scheduling acupuncture starting next week. If this doesn't work for this IVF cycle, we will go back to doing IUI because we will be pretty much out of money. I wish you luck. I was where you are. Keep positive and relaxed. Keep me posted.

6/1/2011 8:01 AM
Our first attempt with IUI was unsuccessful with one mature folical on insemination day. We were heart broken and have asked the doctor to be more aggressive with the next round. The plan? To start Follistim two days earlier. No increase in the dose though. I feel like this only slightly increases our chance for pregnancy and wonder if we should skip another IUI and move on to IVF? Thoughts/comments/recommendations from those who have been there? Many thanks and best of luck to you.
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