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3/15/2011 1:39 PM
Hi all, I am 34 y/o married african-american who previously had blocked tubes but they were removed in May of 2010 because I was told by specialist that if infected the tubes could pass infection to embryo's and they would possibly not implanted. I was not willing to take that chance so I opted to have laparoscopy to have them checked out and possibly removed. Well, as suspected they were infected so they were removed. I have been living in fear since 2004 of never having a family of my own which is really diffiicult for me because all of my siblings have children. So since 2004 when I found out I had blocked tubes, I have gotten married and we bought a house and now we have finally saved enough money for us to have IVF!!! yaaaaayyyyy!!! It was truly hard getting to this road.

I have started BC pills, prenatal vit w/ DHEA and folgard tabs. Plus when I went to see my doctor I had a sinus infection so he gave me some Augmentin. I am scheduled to pick up my injected meds tomorrow, I wanna make sure I have them on hand since I am supposed to start Lupron shots on March 26th. I am super excited about this whole process. Is anyone else out there getting ready to start the process?
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