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5/4/2011 5:35 PM
Congratulations HaBaby!! That's wonderful news. I just underwent my first IVF after 2 failed IUIs. Found out last Tuesday that I had a BFP, but I'm just so anxious until next week when I go for my first ultrasound. I'm not sure I'll be convinced until then. The waiting is making me anxious. I hope all continues to go well for you and the threesome!

5/1/2011 11:26 AM
Congrats HaBaby!

4/29/2011 1:41 PM
In case anyone was interested, I figured that I would update this. I am pregnant through my first IUI, and I'm having fraternal triplets. All three heartbeats were excellent, and they're all looking great.

3/15/2011 12:24 PM
Alright, for those who are curious, I responded well to the Follistim. I know that before I started my IUI cycle, I was looking for info on women who have trouble with Provera working for them to induce a period and whether Follistim worked on them or not. Well, I had a good response to it. Now I just pray that things continue to go well. :-)

3/10/2011 10:00 PM
Oops. I meant BFP not BFN on my last post. O:-) Anyway, AF arrived, so the Provera worked!! :-) My baseline apt with RE is tomorrow morning! This is my first IUI cycle and first time w/ injectables, so I'm praying that all goes well. I'll keep updating with how things go. Good luck to everyone else who is TTC and reading this. :-)

3/1/2011 3:24 PM
Well, I've got an update event hough it's rather small. I'm taking the Provera to induce a period, and I take my 10th and last pill tomorrow. I think it might actually be working (at least I hope it is!) :-) Since I never get a period, I'm hyper aware that the last couple days or so my ovaries feel like they're gonna pop and my breasts are tender. I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll see AF and I can get started with the whole IUI process on Day 3 (the oh so dreaded Baseline.) That means that by mid-March I should be off the Follistim (assuming it all works *hope*hope*pray*pray*) and by the end of March I should know if I'm preggers or not. This of course all coming from if we lived in an ideal world and everything went smoothly... I just don't want another incident of Provera failing to bring AF for me. That would make it 3 times I've taken Provera with no results and 4 months of BC pills w/o inducing a period. My body's pretty stubborn. ;-) Hope things are going well with you, Hope. :-) I'll be projecting BFN and baby dust thoughts towards your way.

2/14/2011 9:06 PM
well good luck to you, keep me posted!!! We decided to seek a second opinion, so when i go if i learn anything new ill let you know!!! we are def few of a kind!

2/14/2011 2:37 PM
Hope: It is discouraging, isn't it? I for one thought there would be more women out there who might have this problem and therefore more advice on it or results, etc. I'll definitely keep you updated on whether or not the Follistim works on me. Just a few more weeks, and then I'll be taking the plunge! :-) I wonder why those pills don't work on us? Is our period that stubborn or are our hormones so out of whack that we need a miracle drug to fix it? lol I hope things work out for you as well. Let me know if you find something that works. :-)

2/13/2011 2:01 PM
hello!!! sorry about everything your going through, that has to be hard and stressful!! i was NOT diagnosed with pcos, but one of the techs during an ultrasound said i had the classic visual aspect of it, but the dr said that all the other tests were ok, so i not sure. but i like you do not have regular periods and do not ovulate. they tried putting me on BC pills for months trying to jump start me. that was a mess. when they took me off, and i did not get my cycle, they tired provera first. did not work. i spotted a few days. so then next few times i was on prometrim, which caused me to spot the entire month each time with bad side effects. i tired the clomid for 5 cycles and never had a ovulation. they wanted me to start on follistum but im afraid that wont work either. i have only found one other person on here besides you that the meds did not make ovulate and she said she had to do IVF three times before success. so im discouraged! but im excited to see if you have any results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to you!!!

2/12/2011 1:43 PM
Thanks so much WannaBeaMommy for the detailed reply. I have been diagnosed since I was a late teen. I didn't mention Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, because not many people know what it is. Thanks for the thoughts though. Who knows? I already have so much wrong with me, I wouldn't be surprised if doctors did exploratory surgery on me and found a host more. lol I actually do have my college degree though just an Associate's. I was fortunate enough to get that almost entirely online. Can't afford to finish my Bachelor's at this point. Husband also has his Associate's though didn't do much good. :-/

I'm ultra nervous about our IUI. Since I've had such a horrible time just trying to be normal and maintain a period and the clomid didn't work on me, I'm afraid the Follistim won't work either. :-( I do know that my husband can bottle feed an infant with one hand as he's done it with his nephews and neices, but he's never quite been able to manage the picking up of an infant and supporting it's head at the same time. He's pretty much learned to do everything one handed except tying things. He can't tie his shoes, knots, etc. one handed. I usually double tie his shoes for him and then he just slips them on and off. ;-)

On a new note, it's so incredibly difficult dealing with the whole infertility thing and keeping it all bottled up inside the whole time. I know that most couples dealing with infertility know how this feels hence the online support group because of the anonymity. My hubby and I both know because of our poor health and financial outlook, we'd get greif from both of our families. We've decided we won't share our struggle, and if we're blessed with a baby, we'll just say he/she was a miracle baby and leave it at that. O:-)

2/11/2011 3:02 PM
Hi HaBaby,

Not sure if I can offer any real assistance but I do want you to know that I empathize with your situation. Infertility is difficult enough without all of the extenuating circumstances that you mentioned. I don't think there is ever a "perfect" time to bring a baby into the world, meaning we all always wish we had more money, were more settled, etc. In truth, yes it would be hard to raise a baby on minimum wage without additional income. I know you already know that. I don't know your situation so I don't know if you could possibly improve your financial situation by taking some courses or learning a different trade. A lot of creative people also find ways to make an income at home whether through doing booking, baking, housekeeping, babysitting, etc. Those are only things you can answer but maybe something to consider.

I am sorry for your husband's disability. I will let you know though that I have a friend who's sister only has 1 arm due to an accident. She has had 2 babies and been able to take care of them and raise them like any other Mother. Where there is a will there is a way and most will find ways to improvise.

Obviously, you have been diagnosed with PCOS. You mentioned that you have another issue that causes you to be nauseated and vomit. Has this been diagnosed? I was actually just reading last night where a women was in severe pain and vomiting almost uncontrollably the last 3 months of her pregnancy and even long after she had delivered. The doctors operated because they thought it was her appendix. When they got inside, they found a large blood clot on her right ovarian vein. She had several immune tests run on her blood and was diagnosed with 2 copies of a gene mutation for MTHFR (a blood clotting disorder). She is now on blood thinners and baby aspirin for the rest of her life but no longer has her issues. There are a lot of different immune issues that keep a women from ovulating, embryos from implanting, and pregnancy loss. Most of these can be medically treated. You may want to discuss this with your doctor and see what he says.

Financially, the whole infertility journey is incredibly expensive and almost all of us have to pay for everything out of pocket. There are only a few states (I know FL for sure) where infertility must be covered by insurance. There are a few grant programs out there (just Google for Infertility Grants) that you may want to apply for also.

Wish I could be more helpful. I know it's a long, long road. Good luck to you and your husband.

2/11/2011 2:01 PM
Hello All! I'm new to the forum here. Long story short, my husband and I are both disabled. He's 24 and I'm 22; Feb. 28th will be our 3 and a half year anniversary. He has cerebral palsy, and I have many many things wrong with me all of which are health illnesses and not necessarily "visible" disabilities. I have PCOS along with a condition that deals with almost constant nausea and sometimes uncontrolled vomiting. I have pretty bad insulin resistance but couldn’t handle metformin, so I take Actos (which I’m not really sure if that helps a lot or not.) I haven’t had regular periods ever, but over the last 2 and a half years, I haven’t had any at all. RE tried to get me to have a period with over 4 months BC pills, and 3 times tried Provera. Finally Provera worked, but oddly a few weeks after I took the last pill. After that period, once again, I do not have periods. It is frustrating not being able to maintain a period on my own. I definitely don’t ovulate at all. Almost a year on Clomid didn’t work at all. Am getting ready to try my first IUI with Follistim/Ovidrel beginning of March. I suppose I have a few questions though I have many concerns. Are there any other women who can get an induced period but can’t maintain one after that? Provera is supposed to be a “jump start” to your system allowing you to reset yourself so to speak. My parts must be broken. ;-) Anyway, I also was wondering if there are any other couples out there who are disabled and trying to have kids or have had them. We don’t even know if we’ll be able to conceive (for sure we can’t afford IVF and our insurance won’t cover ANYTHING.) We have concerns about how my health will hold up during pregnancy with the threat of constant vomiting, threat of gestational diabetes from the PCOS, etc. We also have concerns about handling parenting when you’re disabled. My husband has very little use of one of his hands, and we’re concerned about how he will be able to lift and infant and support their head at the same time, even with the “football hold” (his ability to balance things with one arm is very poor. Lol) It would be murder if he can’t even pick up our baby for the first few months and it’s only me doing it every time it’s needed. The other question I have is opinions or advice on affordability of all of this. We have a few thousand saved up which is now gone for this one attempt at IUI. That money was to be used to afford the baby, insurance deductible for birth, etc. I work but unfortunately at minimum wage due to my disability limiting what type of jobs I can perform. My husband can’t work at all and receives SSDI which isn’t that much per month at all. I know many people preach that you shouldn’t be selfish and bring kids into this world if you can’t even afford them, but I figured you other women who want children so bad would understand. Things are not likely to change for us financially or health wise, so it’s not like waiting a few years would change our situation. In fact, waiting would only decrease our chances due to my health issues. Do you think it is justified to try for kids even if you know you’ll be scraping by if it works? I grew up with 6 older siblings, so I had dreams of having a large family myself. Now I’m just desperate for one. Sorry this was so long. I remember all those who struggle with trying to have their own kids in my prayers.
God Bless O:-)
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