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11/26/2010 6:38 PM
Hi. I am also 32 and my husband and I have been going through the fertility process for over a year now, with many failed IUI's we finally got the go ahead to do IVF. I have been doing Lupron shots and just started Follistim and Menopur shots. We too were dubbed "unexplained fertility."

11/10/2010 8:22 AM
Hi trying-if you go to IVF buddies there are a group of wonderful ladies there, I am not sure if you have been there yet or not. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I too have been going through this for 4 years my husband and I started trying when we got married 5 + years ago, after a year of nothing we started the process, I was 32 at the time when we first met with our RE, I am now 35 soon to be 36 so I totally understand. We went through 4 IUI's and 4 IVF's, and in between there was surgeries for endometriosis, D&C's sonohystograms and the Lupron treatment which put my body into menopause for 2 months. We went straight into an IVF cycle after the Lupron and I had my retrieval on 10/16 and transfer on 10/19- after 4 long years we are finally pregnant. Only 5 1/2 weeks but it worked. It is an emotional roller coaster and it is so hard sometimes. We are all here for you and totally understand how you feel. I did acupuncture every week since April and I feel that helped as well. Also there are some other great remedies that the ladies have and tired so check out IVF buddies and I look forward to see you there. We are here for you!!! Sticky baby dust to you, and BELIEVE!!!!

10/28/2010 5:21 PM
After 4 years and 4 failed IUI's we've decided to take the plunge and spend our entire life savings on one try of IVF. It makes me tear up just writing that. I can't believe I'm 32 and have to deal with this! Who would have ever thought getting pregnant would be so hard. I feel like I've spent most of my adult life trying NOT to get pregnant and now that I WANT to get pregnant it's not as easy as I thought.
We're dubbed as "unexplained infertility" which is frustrating in and of itself. The pressure of spending all this money on one try is killing me. All the information I read on the subject says make sure you're not stressed. I'm stressed just thinking about not being stressed. My day 1 is Nov. 2nd. I've started shots of Lupron, started birth control and I'm on thyroid meds. As the days go on my shots increase, my meds increase, appointments with doctors, acupuncturist, and massues double. I had to buy a white board just to keep it all straight! How is everyone else dealing with all this? Any helpful suggestions for de stressing?
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