Ovarian Cancer Risks
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11/29/2010 11:09 AM
Part of the tremendous anxiety for me-was what i thought was the cancer risk. I have read a little about "increased" risk for certain cancers with "certain" meds. however, after speaking with three different specialist who quoted recent research-the report was, greater risk of breast cancer in not having a child than cancer from stimulation meds. (as reported to me by fertility specialists) I was also told that the association with ovarian cancer is associated with the length of time on particular meds. I am not an expert so, I would consult with your doctor. I can only say-I too wish there was something less concerning to take.

9/12/2010 4:55 PM
Does anyone have any good info from their doctors or other sources on future Ovarian Cancer risks after IVF? This is my biggest concern with these treatments - I don't want to be successful in starting a family with my husband only to potentially leave them prematurely! Most things I've read seem to point to no connection but I need some more reassurance. Is it just a question of wanting to have a family more than the unknown risk of the future side effects? I don't know at this point...

I'm about to start an IVF cycle this week. Had one past IVF attempt that got converted to an IUI due to a low follicle response. I'm going forward no matter what on this one - I want off this 3 year hellish roller coaster my husband and I have been on.
Sending all good thoughts out to everyone out there struggling with this problem. :-)
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