IVF/ICSI worked for us on the 1 round
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2/22/2011 3:39 PM
Hello, I also underwent IVF with ICSI and assisted hatching and got pregnant on my first round. Our infertility issues were on my husbands side, but we only got one live sperm and my beautiful little girl was born on December 31st, 2010. Please let me know if you have any questions on my process, etc. I am debating about trying again this summer, but not sure yet...

1/31/2011 2:12 PM
Hi! And Congrats! I'm wondering what doctor you went to? My husband and I are just going to start our first IVF after 3 unsuccussful IUIs with a not very helpful doc. Thanks!

9/20/2010 11:47 PM
Bravo George....ICSI is an acronym short for the procedure where the RE's take a single sperm and inject it into the retrieved egg. It aids greatly in fertilization and is a must for anyone using frozen sperm, donor sperm, aspirated sperm, or even just someone with low sperm count, mobility, etc. It usually costs a bit extra but is highly effective.

Golfer chic....To answer your questions, ICSI is a very safe procedure and it does not harm the egg or the future embryo. As I mentioned above, it really increases your chances of fertilization as long as you have a good, mature egg to start with. This procedure was first developed by one of the leading RE's (located in St. Louis, MO). He's developed many of the groundbreaking procedures that are now standardly used in IVF.

Good luck to both of you!

9/19/2010 3:35 AM
what is ICSI ? Thank you in advance

9/12/2010 10:13 PM
Just wondering what your guy's thoughts are as far as ICSI goes? Were you worried that your babies may end up with problems? We have to do ICSI if we want to have a baby also, but have not made it to the harvesting stage, our first cycle was cancelled because we didn't have enough eggs for retrieval.

9/8/2010 5:27 PM
Congrats on your twins. IVF worked for my husband and me on the first try as well. We were not lucky enough to get any frozen eggs, but we have a baby girl due in October, so all is well that ends well.

6/29/2010 10:38 AM
It's been over a year since I went through the process so I don't remember all of the details but I'm 34 and my hubby is 37. I have advanced endometriosis and he has poor sperm in all regards. Our first round of IVF/ICSI worked in April 2009 and our boy/girl twins were born a few weeks early in January 2010.

We have 5 babysicles left so we're planning on a FET next year.

I saw someone mention a shared risk program in another thread... We did that and spent nearly $30,000. Since it worked on the first round, it costs us about $18,000 more than a single round of IVF but you never know if it will work and I felt a lot better doing with shared risk.

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