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1/31/2011 3:02 PM
I know what you mean, I too get frustrated when I hear people talk about abortions, or the next day pill, or even people that accidently become pregnant. It's hard not to get bothered by it but im working on letting that go. The appt on Sat went very well. His sperm was in awesome condition (which he loved hearing) and with my three eggs they hope for the best. Now I just have to take care of myself and keep the stress down. I'm trying acupuncture and working out on a regular basis, which helps a lot. I'll keep you posted. I take the PT on 2/12 - this would be a great birthday gift! ; )

1/30/2011 9:17 AM
yay!!! three good eggs is awesoume!! and at least you know your ovulating!! and i happy that someone had a positive on them, i was starting to think they just didnt work....but no its just me lol. thats really tough when people are always pushing the baby issue. at first you tell them, and they are like just dont think about it and it will happen. but yeah right....likes its that easy, especially after years of trying. before i just brushed it off, now when people ask i start getting emotional about it. i even have this young girl that works with me, and she had an oops baby. her boyfriend has never had a job before, that kind of stuff makes me mad knowing they are blessed with this baby and people like us who deserve it cant. but im the same with the stress thing. i worry about everything, but i cant help it. im just a worry wort. well i hope all went well yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/28/2011 5:41 PM
I went in for another shot since I am now having to wait until Saturday for the IUI process. The ultrasound showed three "good" eggs, which was a perfect number - she said. Dr. also said I was in great shape for IUI and that I had made the right decision to go this route. I was happy to hear it so I'm excited. I also found out that my condition is "unknown" so they dont know why Im not able to conceive. This was my first month using an ovulation kit and this morning it said I was ovulating (took ovidrel shot last night so I guess it's working). So, atleast I now know that I am ovulating... Tomorrow morning my spouse goes in to drop off a "sample" at 8 AM and I'm scheduled at 10. His support has been very helpful thru this. I have only told one girlfriend and one of my three sisters (two of which have kids) about my infertility so its tough to hold all this inside. My mom had six of us and she tends to push the baby topic on me quite a bit. I told her once I wasnt able to conceive after trying a couple of years but I dont think she believed me. I'll keep you posted *Hope*. Keep me posted on your endeavor! Good luck!!!

1/28/2011 5:08 PM
hope4baby how did it go??? i have not tried the follistim yet or iui. good luck with it all!!!

1/27/2011 3:41 PM
I go in for my first round of IUI tomorrow.... Since my decision to do this I've been really nervous. After 6 plus years of trying im anxious and dont know what to expect. My main concern at this point is that I am a stress freak, that and, having to wait to find out if it was successful! Any success with the IUI and Follistim for any of you?

1/24/2011 7:37 PM
i have been on clomid for months and i still have never ovulated!! i use those predictor test monthly. on my most recent x-ray, the tech questioned if i have ever been diagnosed with PCOS and i said no, does it look like i have it and she said yes. i have an apt with my dr wed. before you had your cysts popped, did you ovulate????? i was about to start the injections and iui this week, but they found a new cyst from clomid and its setting me back!! i dont understand why i never have ovulated........

6/12/2010 10:37 PM
Hello All~
I am new to this Discussion board. A little about myself. I am 28, my husband is 33. We have been having problems with infertility for a few years. About 3 years ago, I was on clomid for a few months with no success. Then I finally had a laproscopy. Doctor found I have PCOS. He popped a bunch of cyst and 4 months later I got pregnant on our own (no meds)!! We now have a 22 month old little girl. When I was pregnant with her, on my 19 week ultrasound, we found out she has Spina Bifida. That was very hard to cope with, but she is doing great now. It is pretty stressful having a child with a disability, but we are managing.
Now we have been trying to get pregnant again since Feb 2009! I tried clomid for a few months and it just stopped working. I'm not sure why. Then I tried Famara for a few months and it just stopped working. I didn't understand how I could be on med for months and then one month it just doesn't make me ovulate. So now I am doing follistim injections. I already tried 3 months with the follistim injections and we tried natural to conceive, but we have been unsuccessful. This month, we decided to do the follistim and have an IUI done. I had the IUI today. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Has anyone had any success with their first IUI?? Does anyone have any advise for me??
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