fragmented embryos
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5/6/2018 12:19 PM
Do you mean a "mosaic embryo"?

10/17/2010 10:00 PM
Hello, It sounds like you had a hard time at your transfer - i'm not sure about fragmented embryos, but i had my transfer today and i think it's very easy to go over and over any thing that occurs that could affect your chances - I only had 2 embryo's to even fertilize, but by some miricle they made it to day 3 and they were both transferred today - however they said one of them is not so great, but they also said they only put in embryo's that do have a chance of a successful pregnancy so you should hold onto that. I had a terrible transfer as they had great trouble with the catheter due to my retriverted uterus - trying not to obsess too much about that! the waiting is so hard - good luck

5/13/2010 11:10 AM
Well, it's been a while. Hi to everyone. After several months of trying, my DH to agreed to try an egg donor. We found the perfect donor. This donor was proven, so I was convinced things would work out this time. The cycle was just completed last week and the embryos (3 of them) were transferred last friday. Everything seemed to be going well until I got the fert results...only 3 eggs fertilized. I was stunned. The last cycle this donor did, she produced 24 (!) eggs and 22 fertilized. This time, 14 eggs and 3 fertilized. The doctors seemed mystified and can offer no explanation. When we went in Friday for the transfer, the doctors were not in good moods. They explained that the embryos were fragmented; the mood in the room was somber. I was totally devastated. I've been reading and have seen several posts on various blogs that fragmented embryos can self-correct and that fragmenting occurs (the embryos way of shedding unneeded 'stuff) at some point (just usually not so early) most of the time. The doctors tried to alleviate my fears but when husband expressed concern that we'd end up with triplets, both doctors said at the same time, 'oh there's NO WAY you'll end up with triplets'. Then they looked at each other and at the floor.

I'm trying not to freak myself out any worse than I already am because I know it's not good for the process. So, if anyone has any happy ending stories involving fragmented embryos, I would very, very much appreciate hearing them.

Baby dust to you all...
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