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12/3/2012 3:15 PM
if you are in nyc area then i found glenrock pricing very good. this nj pharmacy is open everyday thogh i think weekend hours are shorter. you can probably ask over the phone.
also you need not buy the entire prescription given by the doctor. you can get it as you use it. this is my 6th cycle and i have found that i never use all that has been ordered for me.

12/30/2009 4:13 PM
Hi All,
I also find out that pricing is slightly better than Schraft (owned by ..Walgreens Speciality Pharmacy)and does not charge (overnight) shipping cost (schraft charges $10.00 for orders under 500.00). They also participate in designRX and matches any competitor pricing. I plan to order my meds with them. Every penny count!


12/26/2009 7:24 PM
Thank you very much for your help. I plan to use schrafts also which is now Walgreens. Thanks for taking the time to response to my request. Infertility with limited resources makes things more emotional and challenging.

12/25/2009 4:35 PM
Schrafts seemed to be the best overall for all the drugs I had to purchase for IVF. My very 1st procedure though I contacted about 6 or 7 different mail order pharmacies...some of them do have certain things that they carry at a lower fee. But I did wind up purchasing all my meds from Schrafts. The only thing I did learn was that I ordered to much Follistim the 2nd time around and have tube of liquid gold sitting in my fridge that may go to waste unless I decide to do one more fresh round of IVF.

If you are really watching your pennies, like I have had to, it's worth the few minutes to contact multiple pharmacies to get the best price. And always ask them if there are any coupons available, each time I was able to get $100 off (but that was $3k worth of drugs) Keep all your receipts and itemize medical expenses if you can or try to utilize medical flex spending acct at work....

If you want suggested pharmacies to contact, let me know, my dr office gave me like 6 or 7 different listings and I could list them all for you on here, I basically faxed my perscription to each one and said, looking for costs on everything, please fax me a quote.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

12/24/2009 6:34 PM
Hi all,
I'm new to your discussion group. I'm 38 years old (will be 39 in march) and have had 2 miscarriage ( recent loss few days ago). I have endometriosis and ovulation problems ( treated high prolactin level and Microadenoma-Pituatary tumor). My husband and I are over burdened by the cost of treatment since our insurance does not not cover infertility management. We plan to itemize this year for medical expenses. I have to go on folllistim plus other drugs next month for ovulation induction. My last pregnancy was possible due to Femara which was lost at 5 wks. I just enrolled in Design Rx program and wanted some feed back from you on this program as well as other pharmacies in regards to cost of RX.

Thanks again
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