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12/21/2009 10:22 AM
A new discussion; post your comments about what you are doing or plan to do with your extra embryos.

9/11/2010 12:35 AM
We waited two years, did a frozen cycle transfer and had another baby

9/11/2010 8:42 AM
have 3 snowbabies and they are waiting for me to drop some pounds and save some money for FET....will definitely be doing another transfer after the first of the year!

4/6/2012 10:59 AM
We are probably moving on from IVF to using donor embryos. Hoping to see more posts here since I am now researching embryo donation. I looked into snowflakes.org but don't think the open adoption concept is for us.

10/13/2012 11:08 AM
If anyone is interested in using donor embryos, I did quite a bit of research since my last post.

There ARE quite a few options out there. And they cost less than using donor eggs (less than half the cost generally). What is different is typically the variety of choice. Of course it depends on the clinic or organization, but it's not like you flip through a catalog and find the perfect physical match.

Some organizations, like Snowflakes, do open adoptions complete with home studies. Others will do open or anonymous, depending on the donor's wishes. Embryo Donation (EDI) in Florida falls under this category. And some only do anonymous.

Miracles Waiting is a website that helps put donors and recipients together. Everything is handled between the two parties...legal fees, payments, etc. The fee to join to see donor profiles is low (I think less than $100 if I remember correctly) and you can place an ad. I paid for a special ad to get more attention and that was only $35 I think. There are more recipient ads posted than donor ones, but it seems that quite a few potential donors don't post ads, they just browse the recipient ads looking for possible matches. They seem to have a lot of matches, but I don't know how many result in a baby. There are some success stories on the site, and I've emailed with someone who had a baby from a donor using that site, so it does happen. But there aren't success rate statistics like you would get with a clinic. If you do sign up with Miracles Waiting, be patient. Our ad had over 100 hits before anyone contacted us (6 months after we signed up). She didn't have a donor ad so we would never have found her. And the 15 or so couples I contacted were not interested in donating to us. But I think this site has a lot of potential for most couples.

The only clinic I found that offers fresh transfer at any time is AVA-Peter in St. Petersburg, Russia. They have several programs to choose from, fresh or frozen where you get all of the embryos for future children, and fresh or frozen if you only do one try. I found them very easy to work with and likely would have gone with them except California Conceptions offered us donors sooner. FYI, the costs come out about the same for fresh/one try at AVA-Peter versus the 3 tries we are doing below if you figure in travel costs.

We decided on California Conceptions, part of California IVF, because we had the opportunity for a fresh cycle and their program is 3 tries in a year for $9800 (it just went up to 12k for new patients). They even have a refund program if you medically qualify (I did) and don't get pregnant in those 3 tries. I think all of their program is anonymous adoption. Usually, it is FET but our first cycle will be fresh because they happened to have a new donor who was a match and we could start at the same time. Keep in mind that with programs like this you have less choice in your donors. You can always decline a donor, but you may not get a close physical match. We are happy with both our donors even though the baby will likely look nothing like me.

I hope someone finds this information useful. Feel free to message me with questions. Good luck if you go down this path. It's a challenge, but then, aren't they all?

11/7/2016 11:09 AM
Another excellent option for remaining embryos is the National Embryo Donation Center. We carefully store the embryos in our lab for free and make sure they go to a loving family. Plus, you have significant input into who adopts your embryos whether the process is open or closed. We've helped in more than 600 births, the most of any EA program. Just Google National Embryo Donation Center.
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