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Acupuncture Expand / Collapse

4/22/2013 2:17 PM
Actually, this DOES help. I saw a question on the paperwork at our clinic about acupuncture but didn't really think anything about it. Sounds amazing tho - less headaches, less nighttime sweating, less CRAZY! Thanks for the advise and recommendation!

3/15/2009 9:14 AM
I am very new to this site. Actually have been reading it for a while but this is my first post. To give a little history, my husband and I have been dealing with this for over 2 years. I have had numerous surgeries, hsg, lap, fimbrioplasty, etc. Pretty much, I have bad tubes. So, we are currently on our 3rd round of ivf, retrieval is scheduled for 3/17/09 My new doctor (who I love) is the third doctor we have been to. Our first round, didn't work. Second round was canceled because doctor said I had a hydro. Went for a third opinion and my new doc said, no hydro ever! Very frustrating to say the least. Anyway, as to acupuncture. Did it with a chiropractor during first round but never felt like it was working. So, when my new doc suggested it, I was skeptical. But a free consultation, took me to the appointment. I met with him and new right away, he was the real deal. He knew ALOT about infertility and specializes in it. He understood what I was talking about when I told him my history. He gave me a lot of ideas as to diet, supplements, and suggested (of course) to see him 1 - 2 *'s per week until retrieval. Well, obviously retrieval is in a few days so I don't really know the outcome yet. But I feel 100% better now than I have had in my previous two cycles. I have not had any of the terrible headaches, no night sweats, and my husband says I am not a crazy woman this time around. I am much more relaxed. So anyone out there who may be thinking about acupuncture, find someone who specializes in it for fertility reasons and don't waste your money going to a random person. Research them and find out if they have specific training for fertility. My acupuncturist has had over 3000 hours in training just on fertility. Hope this helps anyone
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