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10/2/2009 8:35 PM
Not sure if anyone is looking at this thread anymore, but I just finished a fresh cycle with donor eggs. I had ET on 9/20. Found out I was pregnant with HCG of 52 on 9/29. Found out I was losing the baby with an HCG of 28 on 10/1 (yesterday). This is all still very raw. I want to start a cycle with FET right away, but I haven't even officially miscarried yet. How long were you advised to wait between Fresh transfer and frozen and have any of you had success? I have 6 snow babies. 1 that is 5AA, 2 that are 5BA, 1 that is 4BA and 1 that is 4AB and the last one is 3BB. I am not quite sure exactly what the letters and number mean, but the 5's and 4's are fairly good.

3/18/2009 9:04 PM
I had mentioned to the nurse that my backend was sore and was getting hard knots from the shots. I believe I was taking 2cc at the time. She recommended taking 1cc in the morning and 1cc at night. So I was in essence getting more shots but less irritation with a lower dosage. I would also double check your injection make sure you have it right on. My nurse told me that she had a person come in and talk about her soreness and she said that the person's injection sites were much higher than they should have been. I know I did a reality check with the nurses once in a while by getting a large X put on me. As a joke, my husband took a picture....which actually came in handy as a point of reference for us in the future.

As for protocols, I think each doctor has their own nuances that have worked for them in the past. The biggest difference I have noticed is in bed rest. Some docs will say immediate, flat bedrest for several days. Others say to get up and moving the day after. My doc says lay low, but not flat, day of transfer plus three. Personally, I will take the excuse for my husband to wait on me hand and foot for a couple of days!!

Yes, I would assume they would be able to thaw more as we talked with our embryologist about making the decision to thaw the second two if either of the first two don't make it. She said that she has done it before and we just had to modify the consent forms to indicate it. My doctor's office thaw rate is around 80% but each office is different....I think national average is around 70-75%. Also keep in mind that this is average. Some individuals have all of their embryos make it while others don't have quite as many.

3/17/2009 7:45 PM
Jhoppi - How did you split the progesterone shots? My doc never mentioned that as an option. I begged to have the progesterone pills, but my doc refused and said the shots were best. I switch sides each day for the shots, but the discomfort is non-stop b/c just as soon as the pain starts to ease on the one side, it is time for another shot on the other side. B/c the progesterone is in oil, they told me not to use cold - only heat. I am interested to know what your directions are with your doc - I thought all the protocols were pretty much the same, but perhaps not.

My doc is going to implant 3 embryos this time since I am 36 and had 2 failed fresh cycles already. I didn't realize the embryo's might not survive the thawing process . . . then what? Can they thaw more right away?

3/15/2009 10:16 PM
My husband and I have only been trying IVF since November. Due to numerous delays, we've only done one fresh cycle and are starting our first frozen cycle tomorrow. We have three frozen embryos but our doctor only expects 1 to survive the thawing. It is nice to read some success stories from frozen cycles because even though I am trying to remain strong and positive, I am so fearful that we'll be going through this forever without success. My husband and I are 30 years old and our doctor is pretty positive about our chances, but sometimes it is just so hard to believe that. I just found this forum and although I don't wish infertility on anyone, it is nice to find some support. Thanks!

3/13/2009 9:43 PM
Rojlgarrison - thank you for your story!! That is so exciting to hear that you had success with an FET! We are going to start with thawing two . If either of the two don't make it, then we are just thawing the other two right away. Hopefully we will have just as much luck as you. Best of wishes to you with your pregnancy and bouncing baby boy!!


JoJo - good luck with your transfer!! I will be praying for you! As for the progesterone shots, the last time we split into two shots a day to ease the discomfort. Plus I would think cold would work better than heat to reduce the inflammation of the shots.

3/13/2009 9:14 AM
My husband also has a situation whereby we had no choice but IVF. We had to aspirate his sperm. I am 36 and he is 48. Prior to our first fresh cycle, I found out that I have a thyroid issue that can make things even more difficult. I am on Thyroid meds, but of course the condition does not help. We are one week into our FET. I never thought I would try this again after the trauma of going through the fresh cycle. I did not respond well to the stimulation meds - although I was producing eggs they were very small and slow to grow - I was kept on the meds an additional 2 days at nearly the maximum dose and we were all grateful that 18 were retrieved and 13 fertilized with 10 making it to the Blast Stage. Everyone thought we would have nothing based on my slow reaction to the meds. The whole process seemed to last an eternity and the progesterone shots were so painful that I could not put any weight/pressure at all on my backside. Any suggestions to ease that pain??? I had the heating pad on constantly and took Tylenol, but nothing seemed to ease it. The FET thus far is a breeze compared to the fresh. I know they are not as succesful, but my doc is going to implant 3 (if everything goes okay in the thaw process). I think the estrace will work in my favor b/c the nurse commented during the fresh cycle that my lining was very thin. At this point, we are not discussing it much with anyone and try to remain positive and pray. Only God can work this out and we trust that He has what is best for us. So, if it works we will praise Him and if it doesn't work we will praise Him and continue to do what we can. I'll be praying for you!

3/13/2009 8:32 AM
I started the IVF process last March. In May I had the retrieval but developed severe ovarian hyperstimulation and ended up spending a week in ICU. Prior to the retrieval we had decided to have the eggs frozen rather than do a transfer since I was showing signs of OHSS. Our doctor told us that the thaw success was 2/3 so we had 3 eggs thawed, all three lived. One was an over achiever and had split to more cells than they had expected. The other two were lagging a bit but were still considered top quality. Two weeks later it was confirmed I was pregnant and 2 week after that it was confirmed that there was only one amniotic sac. I'm due June 8th with a bouncing baby boy. For me the transfer was not nearly as painful as the retrieval and the recovery was much faster. However you do have to take the progesterone shots much longer than if you were doing a fresh cycle. That's really the only pitfall. I was on the shots for 16 weeks, which is longer than most frozen cycles (usually just 10-12 weeks).
But if needed, I'd do it all over again to have this baby. Best of luck!

3/10/2009 10:23 PM
My DH and I have been ttc for four years. Due to male infertility, our only option was IVF as my husband won't consider donor sperm. Luckily we were able to do an aspiration and had 11 viles of his own sperm to try from. We did two fresh cyles last year. The first failed. The second ended in miscarriage after about 7 weeks. Luckily with our last cycle, we were able to freeze four embryos. I am very apprehensive about this cycle as I don't even know if any of the embryos will make it through the thaw process. Does anyone else have any experience with an FET? I just started on the Lupron with an April 15th transfer date...hey, thought it would be symbolic with how much we got to claim with two fresh cycles last year!! Thanks!
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