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3/4/2009 2:19 PM
Dear GirlatHeart,

I wish you all the best. Thank you for your grace, strength and helps to see others making a go of a bad situation.. You are a good reminder to us all.

I am not sure of the thread....but one of our members posted that they received a TAX CREDIT for adoption. If my memory serves me.....the adoption was around $11,000 and they received a tax credit for all but $200. I am sure there are rules and such but hopefully knowing this will ease your burden.

Please keep us posted!

3/4/2009 1:42 PM
Hi Everyone,

My heart was crushed on Monday. I got a call that my Beta level had dropped and to stop the meds. It was over just like that. I was five weeks pregnant.

I am devastated, but not defeated. My heart is broken at the moment, but I just need to get back up and keep going, because no one is going to do it for me.

I would like to thank all of you who posted comments, because even though we have different details, our stories are similar in that we all have the same goal - to be a mommy.

We have pretty much used up all our money - about $50k. I'm hoping we can give motherhood one last try by looking into adoption. We don't really have the cash for it, but I hope we will find a way.

It would give me great comfort for any of you in cycle to post your progress. I'm hoping to hear that some of you were successful.

It's funny, because not long ago, I wouldn't be able to stand hearing anyone else's good news. Now, I am ready to hear it. I know that we have all struggled and it would just cheer my heart to hear something good. Even if you have bad news, just share it. It will help you, and actually, help me too.

I have a request from two of you:

WackyJacqui - You said you long was the process? International or Domestic? How old was your child when you adopted?

LbandBuggy - You wrote that you were going to move along in your China adoption. Does this mean you have previously applied and just put it into a hold status? I read 3-4 years and didn't know if that meant your waiting period or your time period for going through with it.

Best of luck to everyone.

P.S. ** I am posting this in several areas on this website to make sure I reach as many of you as possible. **
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