How sucessful is FET?
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10/4/2009 11:46 PM
Hi Toni,

I understand your concern about the psych consult. I was VERY concerned we would get turned away because my significant other was kind of against the donor thing (mostly he was in denial about the situation). He was very honest with the psychologist and by the end of the session he was mostly on board. I was still worried we would get turned away, but she gave us the thumbs up. Just be honest. We learned a lot from her as well, which put our minds at ease.
We did choose a donor that was successful. I was the fourth women she worked with. The first got pregnant on the first try with fresh embryos. The second got pregnant with frozen. Last I heard the third women did not get pregnant on the fresh cycle. I did get pregnant (if only for two days), so I hope that is a good sign. My advice on picking is go with what you want (not what others tell you, or what you think might seem right). If you read someone loves horses and you love horses and that makes you feel comfortable, then go with that. I basically started with height of the donors. I am 5'7 and I wanted a donor at least 5'6. That helped me narrow. Then from those I chose the ones with the closest coloring to mine. Basically I had two that I really liked and one was available, so that nailed it down for me. No matter how crazy your thoughts are, pick the one that feels best to you.
The only testing I had on my uterus was before my first attempt at IVF (with my own follicles). I think this was when they mapped out my uterus and looked for fibroids. I had some fibroids, but none that the doc thought would affect anything. The reason I had to move on to IVF was because I only have one tube and although the confirmed it was open, it wasn't working correctly (or my follicles were too old, who really knows).
I am a tad scared to find out that it is the embryos. If the first two they put in did not work, then what’s to say the others will be better? I go in for a blood test in the morning to officially confirm I am miscarrying, and then they will have me stop my meds. I am actually resentful that I had to keep doing the shots for the last four nights, but if there was ANY reason the lab messed up I need to keep the pregnancy going, although I am certain that they did not mess up. The very mild symptoms I felt (sore breasts, light-headed) have completely gone away.
Please update me on your psych appointment and ask me anything along the way. I am happy to share. Good luck this week. I know if will be fine. Remember, we got the okay even though my significant other was unsure during the appointment, you will be sure to be approved.

10/4/2009 3:50 PM

I am glad to find another DE sister and I am due to go see the pysh this week. I am afraid that she will turn us away!!!!!!

Did you use a donor that had success before? That was the first thing one of the other ladies suggested to me. I have read so much information and I am so confused about this whole process. Have you done all the testing to check your uterus, I think it may be the quality of the embryo's and not your uterus. I have had 5 surgeries to remove fibroid tumors and I still got pregnant, miscarried but got pregnant. The only reason we are doing IVF now if because my tubes are blocked now.

So I do not know for sure but I do not think there is any reason that your uterus is not working.


10/4/2009 3:31 PM
Hi Toni,

I am sorry to hear about your miscarriages. It was hard for me after only two days, so I can't imagine going 11 weeks and going through it three times. Where in the process are you on your donor cycle? What I don't understand is the therapist we saw (we had to see her in order to be approved for donor), stated that follicles age with the mother, but the uterus does not, so basically my uterus is not as old as I am. I am having a hard time understanding why the embryos don't take, especially when using younger eggs.
Keep in contact. I am happy to share my experience to this point.

10/4/2009 3:22 PM
Hello Hopingto2mommy,
I am so sorry to hear your story and can understand your sadness.

I have never had any babies but I am your age.

I have had 2 miscarriages the last one in 2006 at 11 weeks the baby's heart never started to beat. I had to have a D&C!!!!

I post on the IVF buddies forum. We are planning to go for a DE cycle so I am in limbo right now. All I can do is listen and pray for you.


10/2/2009 4:10 PM
Hi ladies. I am new to post to this site, although I have read posts periodically over the last several months. Here's my story: I am 39 years old and have a 16 year old son. I always knew that I wanted children (not just child). I have been with my significant other for 14 years and do not know why I waited so long to try again. We started trying in November of 2007. I got pregnant in February on 2008, but it ended in disaster. I was rushed to surgery in March of 2008, bleeding internally with my right tube bursting. In June they tested my left tube and I was told it was completely clear. Since then I have had three rounds of IUI with clomid, two rounds of IUI with much stronger fertility meds. One of the rounds of IUI with stronger medication was an IVF attempt, but I could only produce three eggs, so we decided to switch to IUI. Since my ovaries were not responding well, we decided to use a donor. Everything went very well with the donor. We ended up with 8 embryos. Two being transferred and 6 frozen (although not all the best quality). I was thrilled on Tuesday (9/29) when I got the call that my HCG was 52 and one embryo had implanted. Just as quickly I received a call yesterday (10/1) that my chg. had declined to 28. They are keeping me on the meds until Monday, when they will retest just to be sure there was no lab error (not likely). I am devastated. If I cannot get pregnant with donor egg then I guess it is never going to happen. Each failed attempt just makes me that much older. I will be talking with my doctor about doing my next cycle with FE, but I wondered what my chances are. Has anyone experienced this and been successful? We have completely tapped out our finances to fund this donor cycle and do not have the money to try this again. I am wishing I would have decided to try adoption, but really wanted to experience pregnancy again, since I was so young the first time around. I also wonder why my body does not recognize pregnancy since I have been pregnant before. Please share your experiences. I can really use some support right now. I cannot stop crying and all I can think about is how I will be miscarrying in the next week (not something to look forward to). Sorry this is so long...
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