2nd IVF Cycle was cancelled
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4/10/2009 6:53 PM
Hi! My first attempt at ivf was cancelled because my level went from 7000 to 700. Talk about raging hormones. Dr didn't discover I had pcos and that I would respond so well. We did try again and had 2 transferred, but the embryos weren't healthy and it didn't work. I will be starting injections again may 22. It has been 3 years since last attempt. Took my heart that long to feel able to go through it again. Many counseling sessions and anti-depressants since then, as well. Good luck to you. I'll say a prayer!

3/2/2009 9:49 AM
I've never had that problem. Forty follicles -- wow! they had to bump my Follistim from 225 to 300 just to get me up to six follicles for my current cycle.

I did have one IVF cycle cancelled, but it was because my husband's sperm was only able to fertilize one egg, and it stopped growing after two days, before time for transfer. It was pretty devastating at the time, especially for my husband (since he can't help feeling it's "his fault" we cant' get pregnant). Of course, now that we're almost two years and 7 cycles of various sorts later, post-miscarriage and still childless, it kind of pales in comparison.

Why do these things happen? Who knows? It's certainly given me more of an appreciation for just what a miracle life is.

2/25/2009 10:17 PM
Hello everyone,

My name is Gina and my hubby and I have been TTC for 2 years now. I have a 13 year old daughter from a previous relationship and my hubby doesn't have any other than he takes care of my daughter like she is his own. Well, both of my tubes are blocked and I have severe scar tissue which is attached to my colon which is sitting on top of my tubes making it impossible to repair due to the damage it can do to my colon. So we were advised that IVF is our only attempt. Our 1st IVF cycle we m/c at 8 weeks and after we transferred 3 frozen embies, it also resulted in a m/c at 8 weeks. That was so hard for the both of us (I know for me more than my hubby). I had to go to counseling because I became so depressed. Well, we started our 2nd attempt at IVF on Jan 2, 2009. Everything was going wonderful until I devolped hyperstimulation and was put on bed rest. My estrogen levels started off real high that they made me come down on the follistim (300 to 150 to 75 to coasting). I went in on a Saturday for a U/S and blood work and estrogen levels was 2846.....I had 20 follicles in the right ovary and 20 in the left. Well, I had to go back in on that Monday (Jan 26) for another U/S and blood work (this was suppose to be the week of reterival). U/S showed that some of the follicles that were good sizes had dropped in it size, but the Dr or the tech did not tell me this while I was there. The nurse always call at least 2-3 hours after I leave to give me the results and this time she would have been able to tell me when the retervial would be. 4 hours went by and no phone call, so about 3:30 that afternoon, I went ahead and called and the nurse said she had some bad news. My estergoen levels went from 2846 (Saturday) to 431 (Monday). The Dr say he could not give me a reason of why and how this happen. The nurse was like, the Dr made the lab check my blood 5 different times and then made them retest everyone that came in that day to see if it was something dealing with the lab (error or something). Well everyone came back fine and mines came back saying the same thing, 431. The Dr gave me 2 choices, come in that Wednesday for the retervial with the hopes of getting two eggs or cancel everything and start over. They advised that if I went ahead with the retervial there would be a strong chance that the two eggs made not be of good quality to get us pregnant. So my hubby and I decided to cancel it and try again. Who knew that it would be this hard to conceive. I mean, I have a daughter so why is it so hard to conceive agian.

Well, if I don't know anything else, I do know this. God is a Good God and his is worthy to be praised. Even when we don't understand why things happen, especially things like loosing 2 pregnancy, but God's words says that he will not put no more on us than we can bare. I have Faith knowing that in Due Season, God is going to bless my hubby and I with a Happy, Healthy, Whole baby of our own. I trust God and right now trust and Faith is all I have to depend on.

Right now, we were waiting for my cycle to come on so we can start IVF again. It never came and I starting hurting real bad so I went to see my RE and he did an U/S and found a 5 cm cyst on my right ovary. So right now I am taking provera to make me have a cycle and my RE say that it should make the cyst go away and depending on how things look then will determine when we can start again.

So if anyone out there has had a ICF ccle cancelled due to Estrogen levels were high and then they dropped, please let me know.

Thanks and I am sorry this email was so long.
Best wishes to everyone trying to conceive.
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