Resuming your Cycle after a miscarriage
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3/27/2009 2:48 PM
New lab results......

8 - fsh level Nov 2008
18.5 - fsh level on my first cycle day 3 after my miscarriage - Feb 2009
6.8 - fsh level on my second cycle day 3 after my miscarriage! - March 2009 <---GOOD NEWS

I must say that I am relieved as when I went to the clinic to get the results of my FIRST fsh level check after the miscarriage, the doctor started to give me the "at your age", "menopause", "resort to donor eggs" lecture. 18.5 is high....but it did not make sense that I had such a slide in only a few months time.

THANKS to this forum, someone encouraged me to have a second test, as our bodies and hormones are impacted by stress and such.

The new results will definately impact my decision. While my clinic would still have assisted me at the 18.5 fsh level, other clinics may not. And the type of medicine (along with qty and price) may also be determined by the fsh level. So do yourself a favor after miscarriage, and give yourself some time to recover before accepting your lab results and making decisions based on lab results.

3/6/2009 10:02 AM
I've never had my FSH level tested right after a miscarriage. My doctor doesn't count the first "AF" after a miscarriage to be a true "AF" because the body is responding to the drop in hCG as well as the drop in progesterone levels. Therefore, I wouldn't think that your hormone levels would be accurate so soon after a miscarriage. A re-test in a couple of months would probably give you a more accurate reading.

3/4/2009 2:29 PM body has picked up its rhythm again....and I had blood work done on CD3.
My FSH came back at 18.5. In October it was 8.
The IVF clinic immediately accounted for this rise as my super-speedy decline into menopause.

I'm sorry, but that just seems so fast!

I have been through a hugh physical trauma due to the miscarriage as well as mental trauma.

I am wondering if anyone else has seen elevated FHS levels immediately following a miscarriage?

2/25/2009 10:34 PM
After I had an ectopic pregnancy removed (8 weeks along), it took just over 4 weeks for my hCG to drop below 10. Right around that same time is when AF finally showed up. My RE had warned me at my post-op appointment that it could take up to 8 weeks for my hCG levels to drop. Our bodies just have own beat, and nothing can be done to speed things up.

2/25/2009 10:32 AM
Hi Cid.
I'm new on these boards but not to ttc and m/cs. With each m/c I've had the amount of time for my hormones to return to zero has been different. I have had all natural m/c also, so my numbers were already going down. I have heard it is different with having a d&c, your body has to recognize that it no longer needs to support the pregnancy, then it starts to go down. As I stated this is from what I have learned from others, but it does make sense.

Hope all goes smoothly with your new set of numbers.


2/20/2009 1:03 PM
I have a question for all. On Jan 20th, I was told I had a molar pregnancy. On the 21st I had a D&C as they need to biopsy the tissue for cancer.

Luckily it was not Molar/ I was told that I could try again on my next cycle.

It has been over 4 weeks, and my cycle still has not kicked back in!
I had HCG blood work on Feb 3rd and it was 38.
Had more blood drawn today, but do not have the results yet.

Any thoughts?
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