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2/20/2009 8:49 AM
Most employers offer some sort of EAP (Employee Assistance Program). This is short term mental health care that typically costs NOTHING!

My employer offers a phone-in EAP which is a bit odd....but if you like to talk on the phone, then it would work for you.

My husband's employer offers an real person with their EAP. They are even licensed therapists.

Again, each EAP program differs in their approach and the number of visits, but most offer multiple sessions for each issue. And the best part is that they typically do not cost, and access to the Doctor is fairly immediate.

If your insurance offers a mental health package you might find that it takes months to get in to see someone....and then you are usually subject to a "Specialist" co-pay....2x or 3x your normal copay.

So if you need another avenue to vent, see if you have access to an EAP....and save your co-pay for your IVF payment!
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